HOTZONE Value Offer

Public broadband access networks are ideal solutions to service the demand for internet Café’s, hotels, airports, shopping centres and campus areas to provide internet access services.

Q-KON has developed the perfect end-to-end business solution for Service Providers to unlock profit from servicing this growing demand for “always-on” connectivity. This solution value offer details how a complete HotZone solution can be implemented that includes prepay billing; Wi-Fi user access and VSAT internet access.


FREE Unlimited 4Mbps Internet Access
Internet access is provided using satellite access circuits that provide unlimited and uncontended access at rates up to 4Mbps receive at no cost to the Service Provider.

The satellite access circuit is provided to Service Providers at ZERO fixed monthly cost. This completely eliminates the risk of revenue loss for Service Providers.

ZERO Contract Risk
The prepay business model enables partners to source satellite access services in an ad hoc “payas- you-go” manner, which offers ZERO contract liability.

Prepay Service
The HotZone service is 100% prepay and eliminates the frustrations of revenue collection for all parties.

Additional Revenue at Zero Cost
With unlimited access to satellite access circuits Service Providers are free to secure additional sales revenue without the need of incurring additional fixed costs for monthly bandwidth services.

Improved Profitability
The HotZone solution implements strict control on sales income and cost and eliminates the risk of loss due to poor financial control.

Immediate Market
The HotZone service employs standard Wi-Fi technology to ensure immediate service to all users within the area.

End-to-end Solution
The Q-KON HotZone solution is a complete end-toend solution that elegantly integrates all business and technology requirements. This provides Service Providers with an immediate solution without the demand for additional resources.


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