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AudioCodes is a VoIP technology leader focused on voice quality and best-of-breed VoIP network elements with a proven track record in product and network interoperability with industry leaders in the Service Provider and Enterprise space. Deployed in over 100 countries in service provider and enterprise networks, the AudioCodes name is trusted as a strong brand for quality & performance.

Q-KON together with AudioCodes, the Natural partnership

In November 2013, Q-KON signed as partner with AudioCodes to promote their product offering to the South-African Market. The leading VoIP brand combined with superior support, equates to best-in-class product and service delivery in the VoIP space.



AudioCodes Voice Network Products

AudioCodes’ scalable & feature-rich converged Voice and Data network products enable Service Providers, Enterprises, Network Equipment Providers and System Integrators to build and deploy cutting-edgeVoIP and converged Voice and Data solutions.This product group includes Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), such as Media Gateways and Multi-Service Business Routers for business communications, Enterprise Session Border Controllers, HD-enabled IP Phones, Residential Gateways and Media Servers. Additionally, Value Added Application software platforms are included in the AudioCodes product portfolio. These products target the Enterprise as well as Wireline, Wireless, Converged, Cable and Broadband Access Service Provider markets.Residential, CPE and Access Gateways include feature-rich interfaces and signaling elements, as well as Multi-Service functionality with integrated Session Border Controller, Secured Routing and Survivability features, embedded in the Mediant Series of digital media gateways, the MediaPack Series of analog and BRI gateways and the MSBR Series of Multi-Service Business Routers.


AudioCodes’ VoIPerfectHD implementation of HD VoIP relies primarily on AudioCodes leadership in DSP, voice coding and voice processing technologies, including their applications for VoIP communications and conferencing. AudioCodes VoIPerfectHD implementation as a unified software architecture and infrastructure for all products, offers HD VoIP capabilities and benefits across the Company’s product portfolio ranging from Multi-Service Business Routers (MSBR), Media Servers, Media Gateways and DSPs to IP Phones.

SIP Trunking for TDM PBXs

SIP trunking is exploding in popularity as a means to eliminate the cost of traditional E1 voice-only

circuits and moving the voice traffic over a data circuit to a SIP trunking service provider. By combining physical facilities and consolidating traffic, the SIP trunking service provider can offer identical services such as legacy TDM E1 trunks, but at a fraction of the cost. However, SIP Trunks cannot be directly integrated into the vast majority of the installed TDM PBXs.

Integrating the two requires a media gateway to convert from SIP to the E1 format that is compatible with the PBX.A significant business benefit of this strategy is that it allows the cost savings to be realized immediately and postpones/separates the decisions or costs associated with PBX replacement. This strategy also avoids purchases of expensive and special-purpose upgrades to an aging TDM PBX that will eventually be replaced. In many cases, waiting for the replacement of the PBX can cause months of evaluations, RFIs, departmental buy-in and securing credit. Avoiding these delays is important for reducing the time-to-close for service providers.

The AudioCodes Mediant 1000 is a prime example of a modular and scalable media gateway that converts from the SIP trunking service to a wide range of TDM protocols and physical interfaces. For very small analog-only installations, the AudioCodes MediaPack 11x line of analog media gateways is an alternative low-cost solution.

SIP Trunking for IP-PBXs

As customers begin to replace their TDM PBXs with IP-PBXs, the interface to SIP Trunks takes on new challenges, including:

  • SIP Interoperability – does the IP-PBX interoperate with the SIP trunks today and in the future?
  • Security – how will the enterprise and service provider protect each other from malicious attacks?
  • Survivability – will the enterprise be able to make emergency calls in a situation where the WAN or SIP trunks are inoperable due to network or equipment failures?The Mediant MSBR range can solve these challenges and provide connectivity between the SIP trunking service provider and the enterprise IP-PBX. The MSBR provides important security and survivability functions, including:
  • Data Router – managing IP data traffic between the service provider and the on-premise data equipment
  • SIP Aware Firewall – blocking malicious traffic and managing the pinholes in the firewall to match the negotiated ports for the RTP streams
  • Enterprise-class Session Border Controller – securing the interface between the enterprise and service provider and solving NAT traversal issues
  • Stand Alone Survivability – enabling continued operation in the case of a WAN failure
  • Local Analog Devices – including fax machines, credit card authorization machines, alarm panels and other devices that need an FXS port on-premise

Inter-Office Voice Networking (Dedicated Line Replacement)

Many distributed enterprises use dedicated TDM voice circuits or PSTN calling to make phone calls between their facilities. The cost of inter-office calling or dedicated circuits is frequently a significant portion of the total communications expenditures. At the same time, most distributed enterprises also depend on a data service provider supplied WAN that provides data connectivity between the various offices, facilitating point-of-sale and inventory systems.

By interconnecting the existing PBX or Key Systems at offices with AudioCodes media gateways, the data service provider can transport voice traffic over the WAN. This strategy benefits the business by eliminating the cost of dedicated TDM circuits and toll charges for inter-office calling. Advanced installations also utilize least-cost routing techniques to reduce the cost of off-network calling.

CPE Media Gateway Products

AudioCodes’ Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) products include a range in densities from very small two line Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs) up to 16 T1/E1 circuit digital trunking gateways. The AudioCodes CPE line supports SIP, H.248 and H.323 (depending on the model); and are interoperable with over 100 different software applications from our eco-system partners. MediaPack low-density products (depending on the model) support analog FXS or FXO lines, or digital ISDN BRI circuits. The mid-density Mediant™ 800 is a cost optimized digital media gateway that

supports either eight ISDN BRI circuits or up to two digital T1/E1 circuits. The flexible and scalable Mediant 1000 is highly modular, using hot-swap modules that support a wide range of analog FXS/FXO, ISDN BRI, and up to four digital T1/E1 voice circuits. The Mediant™ 1000 also offers the unique Open Solutions Network (OSN) server, allowing customer applications to reside within the media gateway and enable “one-box” communications appliances. The Mediant™ 2000 addresses the high end of the CPE market with a scalable digital-only media gateway capable of up to 16 T1/E1 circuits.

The newest member of the family is the Mediant™ 500 Multi-Service Business Router (MSBR). This platform integrates a number of separate devices, including WAN network access, router, firewall, session border controller, media gateway and application server into one compact and easy to install package.

AudioCodes Differentiators

These applications and many more leverage key AudioCodes points of differentiation:

  • Superior Voice Quality – as demonstrated at the ETSI Speech Quality Test Event, where AudioCodes was the only participant to successfully pass all 12 rigorous tests
  • Interoperability – validated and certified with over 100 industry leading software applications and PBXs, reducing integration time and complexity
  • Security – support for SRTP and SIP over TLS, HTTPS and other industry standard security protocols allows for end-to-end security for sensitive applications in government, financial and healthcare industries
  • Consistency – based on common core technology, AudioCodes’ products offer a consistent user interface, product feature set and broad interoperability across the entire line, from the smallest ATA all the way up to the largest carrier-class gateway. This dramatically reduces training and the time spent performing interoperability testing
  • Scalability – a range of product densities and expandability enables managed and cost-effective growth
  • Energy Efficiency – lower power consumption reduces operational costs for years to come
  • Affordability – with a diverse range of products that fit in to almost every budget

AudioCodes One Voice for Lync

AudioCodes boasts a rich offering of VoIP products that enhance Microsoft UC solutions by ensuring scalable and reliable connectivity with enterprise voice systems. Among the solutions offered by AudioCodes for Microsoft environments are:

  • Certified media gateways – enabling reliable connectivity between Lync and existing traditional telephony systems – PBXs and the PSTN. AudioCodes gateways support a range of different telephony interfaces and are available in a variety of port densities. AudioCodes has vast experience in deploying its gateways all over the world and has achieved homologation with many local and international carriers.
  • Certified Survivable Branch Appliances – enabling continued communications for remote branch offices when connectivity with the central Lync servers is lost.
  • Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E‐SBCs) – enable secured and reliable interconnectivity with SIP Trunking providers.
  • Call Recording Solution – enabling secure recording of calls within a Lync environment for regulatory, customer service or other purposes.
  • Integrating existing IP Phones – the AudioCodes SIP Phone Support (SPS) solution helps organisations protect investments in existing peripherals, by enabling the connectivity of affordable AudioCodes 300HD Series IP‐Phones, third‐party IP Phones and analogue phones into the Microsoft Lync environment.
  • Mobile VoIP solution – AudioCodes MobilityPLUS solution extends Lync services to mobile users with support for most popular mobile phone operating systems.

SmartTAP for Lync

AudioCodes’ SmartTAP Call Recording Solution is the first call recording system to pass Microsoft’s qualification testing. SmartTAP for Microsoft Unified Communications (UC) is a secure call recording solution that enables the recording of key business interactions within any Microsoft UC environment, including Microsoft Lync and Office communications Server R2.

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