Temporary Installation at Tourism Expo Namibia The Namibia Tourism Expo is held on an annual basis in Windhoek. The expo showcases products of local, regional and international establishments and also features cooking demonstrations, arts and crafts exhibitions, food, beer and wine tasting, car shows and a host of other fun activities to attract travel enthusiasts and the general publi

Why satellite is a better “off-grid” option For now, fibre will remain the primary means of building communication networks. Once installed, fibre networks enable reliable broadband and corporate networks. The challenge is to get it installed, and while you are waiting for your fibre connection, the choices are LTE or satellite. Most network architects won’t actually conside

Introduction The Mall of Africa doors open in April 2016. The total retail area is 131 000 sqm and has 6500 parking bays. Its’ inside decor takes its inspiration from the forests of central Africa, the great lakes in the east of the continent, the oil and trade of the west, the sand of the North African desert and the mineral wealth of southern Africa. There are over 300 shops, many