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In The News – March


Satellite enables Cloud Services

Why do you even want satellite as part of your cloud network? If the default connectivity option is MPLS, and it works, why change? Two very clear reasons: 1) Cost of the MPLS; and  2) Connectivity availability.

Satellite access circuits is not a competing technology… it is an alternative solution. Meaning that if you can get fibre of microwave links then rather use it, satellite services are when you need to design beyond the limitations of fixed infrastructure or can’t work with variable GB billing.

Cloud services is about connecting the edge to the core… And there are really no better options than satellite to connect edge business premises to the core. Even Microsoft has adopted Satellite. The latest developments in new satellite constellations linked to the native advantages of satellite technology offers and attractive and compelling case for cloud services.

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Congratulations Comnet Lesotho on turning 30

Q-KON Africa, would like to take this opportunity and congratulate Mr. Maime Nthathakane and his Team, from COMNET Lesotho, on their 30 years in Business milestone! That is a great achievement and we look forward to another 30 years in business with you. Thank you for being a Channel Partner, selling the Twoobii “off-grid” business broadband solution. Congratulations!

BCX Meraki SD-WAN and Voice over Satellite

Impendle is a town in Umgungundlovu District Municipality, in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. Impendle, a customer of Business Connexion (Pty) Ltd (known as BCX), whom is a Channel Partner of Q-KON Africa (Pty) Ltd, did not have access to coverage for reliable communications and internet. A testing session was arranged with BCX and Q-KON Africa to see if they can offer a reliable and workable solution.BCX performed a variety of tests to ensure the Meraki SD-WAN and Voice solution can operate over satellite. BCX confirmed that the solution worked and delivered according to expectations.

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Did You Know?

LEO satellites in low earth orbit are the closest devices to earth. MEO, medium earth orbits are a bit of a middle ground between LEO and GEO orbits. GEO satellites orbits synchronises with the orbit of the planet, so they appear in the same place every day on an angle between the planet’s poles.


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