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Q-KON Africa drives platform innovation by signing up for the 1st Satellite-as-a-Service platform Q-KON Africa has expanded the capacity of its Twoobii platform in response to growing market demand, with the resulting Twoobii-as-a-Service option being provided in collaboration with its international 1st tier providers. This partnership will enhance Q-KON’s services across Africa, extending an array […]

With Starlink’s LEO satellite services expected to be available in South Africa from late 2023, local and regional internet service providers ISPs and wireless internet service providers, WISPs are considering the impact on their markets and assessing to what extent this could potentially erode their current business models. By Dr. Dawie de Wet group CEO […]

Introduction Reliable and predictable connectivity is key to most operations and individuals. The impact of poor connectivity is especially great when financial inclusion is hindered, even more so in remote areas. Giving people access to their money through online banking, face-to-face, automated teller machines (ATM), and even point of sale (POS), is one of the […]

Introduction The University of Pretoria Medical School developed a tele-medicine solution and collaborated with the Northern Cape Department of Health for the initial deployments. The Pretoria University solution integrates the patient visits to the local clinics, patient records and medical history, the clinic tele-practitioner actions, remote diagnostic equipment and regional specialist support into a seamless […]

Introduction: Mr. Nick Beukes is a retired individual and lives in a remote location between Zeerust and the Groot Marico district, the hamlet in the North West Province of South Africa. The economy relies heavily on agriculture, mining and tourism and Zeerust is a commercial town which on, the main road link between South Africa […]

Introduction: Both Le Mirage Desert Lodge and Divava Okavango Resort & Spa are well-known 5-star international tourist attractions with exquisite facilities and service ratings. With Le Mirage Desert Lodge located deep in the Namib desert and Divava Okavango Resort & Spa is in the North overlooking the mighty Okavango River the natural locations of these […]

Introduction Kentucky Fried Chicken was founded by Harland Sanders (known as Colonel Sanders), who opened his first restaurant in 1952. Kentucky Fried Chicken was later changed to KFC to create a healthier image to consumers, but irrespective of their efforts to develop a health-conscious brand, the most popular dish today still remains their famous original […]

Introduction Podile Primary School is located within Waterberg District in GA- MOLEKANA, South Africa. The school was selected to be part of a programme to improve learner outcomes in local communities. Through access to quality education the programme focused on eliminating poverty, inequality and unemployment. The programme relies on reliable communication infrastructure and access for […]

The growth of internet of things (IOT) connected devices will boost satellite-based connectivity across the globe. So says Dr Dawie de Wet, group CEO of Q-KON and chief engineer for Twoobii, a Southern African-supported satellite broadband service. The Ericsson 2021 Mobility Report forecasts that by 2027, there will be over 30 billion IOT connected devices […]

Innovation in the satellite industry has reached new heights with new services being brought to fruition through the launch of LEO (Low Earth Orbit), MEO (Medium Earth Orbit) and GEO (Geostationary or Geosynchronous Equatorial Orbit) constellations. In addition, the advantages of software-defined satellites are becoming more apparent to the telecommunications industry. With data rates of up […]