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A unique low-cost 100% 1+1 Twoobii satellite solution Mining operations are often at remote locations far beyond the reach of conventional technologies such as fibre, LTE or 4G/5G. Then a special Twoobii solution is the only option for operations that demand 100% communication uptime, cost within budget plus no on-site 3rd level technical support. For […]

Twoobii provides seamless connectivity to MMC 2021 The annual Mighty Men Conference that takes place in the Waterberg district of Limpopo is an outdoor event for Christian Men to get together, away from the daily hustle and bustle, on a farm where there are virtually no outside telecommunication services. The event is broadcast to viewers […]

Introduction Rich in history the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) is ranked as the best higher education institution in Namibia since 2002 (PMR Africa) and the most innovative institution /or organisation in Namibia (PMR Africa 2014 and 2016). NUST is also the Lead Applicant for the SCIONA (Skeleton Coast IONA Transfrontier Conservation Area […]

  Emerging Trends in the Satellite Industry! While the characteristics of launch vehicles vary widely, the ultimate goal is always to move payload into space. Satellite launch costs are therefore a fundamental input block in terms of driving the satellite business case and determining service price points. SpaceX has been phenomenally successful in reducing launch […]

17 Feb Twoobii Provides Reliable, Always On Connectivity For Exclusive Lodges Posted at 09:55h in Case Studies by WDDTwoobii_Admin 0 Comments  Introduction Being part of the exclusive Natural Selection Camps, Kwessi Dunes Lodge is located deep in Namibia’s striking Namib Rand Nature Reserve, a vast desert wilderness of over 20,000 hectares. With its rolling desert plains and backdrop of craggy mountains […]

Introduction The NWR Torra Bay campsite is situated in the Skeleton Coast National Park on Namibia’s cold and icy Atlantic coast. It is approximately 270kms north of the town Henties Bay. This part of the coastline is notorious for its treacherous sand banks and a number of shipwrecks are testimony to this tragic past, hence […]

Introduction Music festivals, game auctions, remote fishing camps etc all need a trusted communication solution to ensure reliable card payments for the public. A leading bank in Namibia has selected the Twoobii satellite service to develop a secure and reliable point-of-sale communication solution for anywhere, always-on delivery. Sphinxblick Open Air Music Festival Challenge In October […]

Reflecting On 2021 As the sun sets on another year we reflect on past opportunities, challenges, and achievements. We think about the changing nature of life, the need to appreciate every moment and the strength gained from a helping hand and a friendly smile. For Q-KON as part of the satellite industry, it has been […]

Proven Solution High reliability, low maintenance and ease of implementation makes satellite the ideal choice for “off-grid” point of sale connectivity requirements. Since 2017, a leading bank’s Merchant services has been using Q-KON satellite services to provide trusted connectivity to key merchant operations. Current customers sites are operational throughout the SADC region with 45% located […]

  Learn about why Satellite is the new cost-effective solution for retail In this economic climate, no retailer can afford to have any network downtime. Until recently the go to solution for point-of-sale systems was the easy to deploy, LTE data access.  The time has come to look at the alternatives. Twoobii satellite solution is […]