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  Satellites Are Dead! Long Live Satellites! EngineerIT Editor Hans van de Groenendaal led the industry panel discussion on the current satellite industry status and future expectations. Q-KON appreciated the opportunity to participate and share our views with this respected forum. Today’s smart satellite networks, such as Twoobii-on-Flex service incorporates advanced data communication features which seamlessly integrates user applications such as voice and video calls, effectively making latency no more a factor with satellite links than it is with any other type of data network.

Proven Solution High reliability, low maintenance and ease of implementation makes satellite the ideal choice for “off-grid” point of sale connectivity requirements. Since 2017 FNB Merchant services has been using Q-KON satellite services to provide trusted connectivity to key merchant operations. Current customers sites are operational throughout the SADC region with 45% located in South Africa. The success of this project was the prelude to FNB Merchant Services approving the Twoobii Smart Satellite Services as phase-2 roll-out for merchant connectivity services which now also inc

  Learn about why Satellite is the new cost-effective solution for retail In this economic climate, no retailer can afford to have any network downtime. Until recently the go to solution for point-of-sale systems was the easy to deploy, LTE data access.  The time has come to look at the alternatives. Twoobii satellite solution is an always on, anywhere, service, providing 100% coverage in Southern Africa Read More Here:  Twoobii Satellite vs LTE High-Availability to Auto-failover for 100% uptime, for NC Iron Ore Mine Operating 24/7, thi

  Smart satellite solutions in action Keeping People Moving Smart Satellite services are increasingly delivering real-world solutions that are saving businesses time, money, and hassle through providing failsafe communications solutions. Q-KON, recently completed a project with Gijima for Shell which was seeking to enhance their business systems and customer experience. In a nutshell, the requirement was for trusted, reliable, always-on communication across a network of some 340 petrol station sites. Click here to read more. Seamless Connectivity to MMC

Introduction Standard Bank Eswatini opened its doors in 1988 and is today a leading commercial bank in the country in terms of capital and assets. It is a member of the Standard Bank Group which has a global presence with representation in 19 African countries and 21 countries outside Africa. Q-KON Africa first forged a relationship with Standard Bank in 2017, formerly known as Standard Bank Swaziland, by assisting with ATM connectivity via our Satellite Solution, commissioned in 2018. The Challenge Standard Bank Eswatini had a customized mobile ATM Trailer built to be used at rural events,

  Satellite enables Cloud Services Why do you even want satellite as part of your cloud network? If the default connectivity option is MPLS, and it works, why change? Two very clear reasons: 1) Cost of the MPLS; and  2) Connectivity availability. Satellite access circuits is not a competing technology… it is an alternative solution. Meaning that if you can get fibre of microwave links then rather use it, satellite services are when you need to design beyond the limitations of fixed infrastructure or can’t work with variable GB billing. Cloud services is about connecting the edge

Why Uncapped is short-term Why does this happen? Why? It is like UNCAPPED is a sort of broadband drug for Telco’s. It is irresistible, with lots of short-term happiness, with an inevitable end linked to dire consequences. UNCAPPED is also a model where just the Provider wins; even at the early stages where customers are delighted with the service, the end result win is tipped in favour of the Service provider. To balance this model, we need to adjust 2 metrics 1) subscriber package and/ or 2) network capacity. To adjust any of the subscriber package values (data rate, or price or GB bundles

Using maths to dispel myths. It is not new, by now UNCAPPED broadband on RF mediums has a predictable market profile. It starts with great media hype, mostly by a new telco or for a new service, full of promises and user testament of how great the service is. Then it goes quiet with the now-and-then positive publicity often linked to profitable financial result reporting. Then the beginning of the end starts, first with some ad hoc customer complaints, then lots of complaints, market outrage, media criticism and finally collapse of the service. Why does this happen? Why? It is like UNCAPPED i

Adding the critical layer for network resilience A Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture that allows enterprises to leverage any combination of transport services – including MPLS, LTE and broadband internet services – to securely connect users to applications. The responsibility of network architects is always to balance cost, business risks and network performance, yet in recent times the pressure on cost reduction is forcing architects to accept dangerously low network availability risks. Yet this does not need to be – satellite services can ad

Introduction The NamibRand Nature Reserve is a private nature reserve in Southwestern Namibia in the Namib Desert. Founded in 1984 by J.A. Brückner, it has more than 215,000 hectares and shares a 100 km border with Namib-Naukluft National Park to the west and the Nubib mountains to the east. Virtually all facets of the Namib Desert are represented on the Reserve – sand and gravel plains and stretches of savanna alternate with mountain ranges, inselbergs and vegetated dune belts. The Challenge NamibRand Nature Reserve acquired the farm Nubib with almost no communication capability on the

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