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Why satellite is a better “off-grid” option For now, fibre will remain the primary means of building communication networks. Once installed, fibre networks enable reliable broadband and corporate networks. The challenge is to get it installed, and while you are waiting for your fibre connection, the choices are LTE or satellite. Most network architects won’t actually consider satellite as an option. For them, the only alternative is LTE. The reason satellite is not considered an alternative is mainly due to bad past experiences and personal perceptions fueled by old info

Introduction The Mall of Africa doors open in April 2016. The total retail area is 131 000 sqm and has 6500 parking bays. Its’ inside decor takes its inspiration from the forests of central Africa, the great lakes in the east of the continent, the oil and trade of the west, the sand of the North African desert and the mineral wealth of southern Africa. There are over 300 shops, many of which are flagship stores. The Challenge FNB has one of their branches in the Mall of Africa. The VSAT was installed as a backup to the Branch, should their communication channel fail

Introduction The Namibia Tourism Expo is held on an annual basis in Windhoek. In 1999 there were 45 exhibitors, this year’s expo attracted over 300 local and international exhibitors. The expo showcases products of local, regional and international establishments and also features cooking demonstrations, arts and crafts, food, beer and wine tasting, car shows and a host of other fun activities to attract travel enthusiasts and the general public. The Challenge There is no form of a communication network structure at the showgrounds. In the previous years

Twoobii becomes part of Namib Race 2019 The Namib race is held in the remote Skeleton Coast National Park in Namibia. It is part of an Ultra Marathon series which comprises of New Zealand, Namib Desert, Atacama Desert and Antarctica. The competitors run a total of 1000 km in 4 series. The challenge for the organizers of the race was that there is no communication along the skeleton coast and radio communications did not work previously at the checkpoints. Twoobii Satellite mobile dish was dismantled and re-assembled at each checkpoint. A Cybertent equipped with laptops and tablets

The annual RacingThePlanet in Namibia Introduction The Namib Race is part of a 4-series RacingThePlanet UltraMarathon. The 2019 UltraMarathon series comprises of New Zealand, Namib Desert, Atacama Desert and Antarctica where all of the competitors run a total of 1000 km. The Namib Race 2019 was held in the remote Skeleton Coast National Park in Namibia where the competitors faced tough conditions of running in the hot desert sun with temperatures soaring up to 40 degrees. The Challenge There is no communication along the skeleton coast... it is only home to wi

A possible road map scenario to the final goal.   Introduction   On May 23rd 2019 SpaceX successfully launched the 1st 60 satellites of the planned 12,000 low orbit satellite constellation as the start of Elon Musk’s audacious 10-year $10 billion broadband space program. SpaceX just took a giant leap towards making global internet coverage a reality as its fifth Falcon 9 rocket of the year took flight on Thursday evening (May 23), sending 60 internet-beaming satellites into space.    Starlink Network   Known as StarLink, the satellite constella

Demonstrating the capabilities and cost benefits of current satellite solutions. In today’s connected world, with fibre networks implemented between most Africa countries and the build out of fibre networks continuing daily, why even consider satellite as a communication medium? Simple: Because it works, it’s reliable and it is the best cost alternative. A quick update  As with all technology industries, the satellite industry is in the midst of rapid technology growth and advances in the satellite constellations, the end-user modem equipment and the commercia

Q-KON Africa assists customer telephonically to install Satellite in Mozambique On the night of March 14 cyclone Idai hit the port city of Beira, bringing winds of over 200 kmph. Heavy rains caused severe flooding and damages to roads and communications. Airport authorities forced to close Beira international airport after the air traffic control tower, navigation systems and runways were damaged by the storm. Almost all roads and bridge were destroyed, fallen trees and powerlines were in the middle of road making it impossible to get into Beira. Due to damaged roads and closing

Beira – Mozambique left in the Dark   Introduction Beira, a port city in Mozambique which serves as a centre for shipping and logistics in the central Mozambican and Central African region. The main imports are liquid fuels, fertilizers, wheat, heavy equipment, textiles and beverages. It is a fishing harbour, which includes canneries, processing plants and refrigeration stores for fisheries. On the night of March 14 cyclone Idai hit the port city of Beira, bringing winds of over 200 kmph. Heavy rains caused severe flooding and damages to roads and communications. &nbsp

Q-KON Offers Banking Options to African Citizens via Satellite Connectivity Technology based on iDirect satellite platform   The scarcity of finance is one of the things that keep Africans poor and African businesses struggling to grow. With its vast distances and terrain, communications services can be costly and unreliable. But with the help of satellite connectivity provided by Q-KON and powered by iDirect, banks are now able to tap the opportunity to serve a growing population that’s set to double by 2050.   Q-KON, a telecommunications system integrator with almost 30 year

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