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Industry analysts expect 17,000 satellites to be launched over the next decade, of which some 58% will be for five new mega low earth orbit (LEO) constellations. Overall, it is anticipated that the space industry will add an estimated 200Tbps of capacity to the global network. From a macro perspective, adding broadband anywhere, anytime capacity […]

Satellites are becoming the answer to plugging the continent’s connectivity gap. The desert steppe of Baikonur, 200 km east of Kazakhstan’s remote Aral Sea, seems an odd place to start a conversation about Angolan mobile-phone users. But in mid-October 2022, that’s all anybody was talking about at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The facility was the launch site of […]

Technology group BCX has partnered with Twoobii to enable businesses, merchants and consumers to benefit from seamless voice and data connectivity, with speeds from 2 Mb/s to 20 Mb/s, through its Skylink very small aperture terminal (VSAT) Access. “BCX selected Twoobii to ensure it can offer multiple advantages including rapid deployment and immediate service activation upon installation, plus complete […]

Telkom subsidiary BCX is targeting off-grid internet users after forging a partnership with smart satellite service, Twoobii. BCX yesterday announced the Twoobii partnership ahead of the ongoing AfricaCom conference in Cape Town. The Telkom unit believes the partnership deal will bring benefits to South Africans using its Skylink VSAT Access. Skylink VSAT Access is a […]

Connecting the off-grid! Imagine it. Done! Gijima in partnership with Q-Kon assist leading global Energy and Petrochemical Company with Satellite Connectivity to remote locations. Introduction: Gijima Holdings is one of the largest ICT companies in Southern Africa; with more than 70 offices and service centres and a workforce of over 1684 employees throughout southern Africa. […]

With Starlink’s LEO satellite services expected to be available in South Africa from late 2023, local and regional internet service providers ISPs and wireless internet service providers, WISPs are considering the impact on their markets and assessing to what extent this could potentially erode their current business models. By Dr. Dawie de Wet group CEO […]

Introduction Reliable and predictable connectivity is key to most operations and individuals. The impact of poor connectivity is especially great when financial inclusion is hindered, even more so in remote areas. Giving people access to their money through online banking, face-to-face, automated teller machines (ATM), and even point of sale (POS), is one of the […]

Via Satellite archive photo It’s a paradox: the satellite industry is booming, yet the latest International Telecommunication Union fact and figures report indicates that only 13% of the Africa population are connected. Strong satellite broadband supply and massive demand in Africa should be a recipe for business success and rapid deployment across the continent. However, the reality […]

Network reliability can be something of a grudge purchase and even be seen as a “catch-22 situation”. From a customer perspective, a high degree of service reliability is essential; yet this doesn’t mean that business users have an appetite for additional costs. Click here to learn more about Twoobii. From a network architect’s perspective, the […]

According to the latest Euroconsult report, the global satellite industry is now on course to build and launch some 17,000 satellites over the next decade. The next ten years will see a race to deploy the first mega-broadband constellations, plus a new constellation for real-time earth observation. What implications will these developments have for the […]

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