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Introduction: Shipwreck Lodge is luxurious self-catering lodge located in Pomene, Mozambique. In 1960 a ship called the Berea was shipwrecked on the South Beach and parts of the ship were still on the beach when The Shipwreck Lodge was being built a few years ago. This part of Mozambique is hidden away and undoubtedly hold some of the most diverse and unspoilt waters along the east coast of Africa. The Challenge While the area has some GSM cellular voice and data services communication, this is not reliable and also not sufficient to meet the needs of the modern

Satellite Services for a 5G future The ITU definition of the 5G networks-of-networks ecosystem outlines the key elements as enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine and ultra-reliable low-latency (<1msec) communication. In this article we consider the role of current and future satellite technologies and how it will benefit the deployment of 5G networks. Satellite distribution networks are already integrated with mobile networks as well as high reliable delivery of HD content, with the planned LEO and MEO constellations this will further be developed. In the planned global “con

Chester Butcher Introduction Chester Butchers was founded in 1973 by Nicos Criticos and is currently one of the largest meat wholesalers in South Africa. They import a variety of Beef, Mutton, Pork, Poultry and vegetables from South America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Denmark, China and Belgium. Today Chester has more than 25 retail stores around South Africa employing over 500 employees. The Challenge Poor 3G signal connectivity at the store locations made it difficult for the business to complete day-to-day tasks and reliably operate the check-out point-of-sale s

The Critical Role For Satellite In A 5G Environment   Why even mention satellite in a 5G context? VSAT is slow, expensive and has a latency problem – right? Maybe not. If you still remember the satellite networks of the 1980’s and 1990’s then that was true – however today this is just a myth and no longer valid. Extensive and fundamental developments in space networks and ground equipment have changed the landscape completely. Satellites available over Africa will soon be capable of 1Tbps capacity and LEO constellations will deliver connectivity at less than 0msec latencies

What is coming for Satellite? Faster, more bandwidth, lower cost – these general ICT drivers are equally applied in the satellite industry. Already using GEO HTS networks we are reaching 3G price points and with planned MEO networks will introduce satellite point-to-point links at fibre pricings and with lower latencies. The 2017 NSR report predicts that by 2021 a total of 1.9Tbps capacity will be available on the global HTS networks, up from 0.5Tbps in 2017. With demand increasing, satellite networks multiplying in capacity and costs reducing, the applications f

A view on new developments and the satellite technology horizon Please can somebody help to find a new term for satellite? Most ICT technology innovations have some branding insight. For example, when Internet storage was developed it was immediately branded as “cloud”. Similarly, the development in machine telemetry and SCADA was branded IoT. These solution brands create new energy, new expectations, and boost market acceptance. Well ... for satellite ... we still call it satellite even though everything is new and nothing is the same. Perhaps we can get a new technol

Introduction Maropeng - is a Setswana word that means 'returning to the place of our origins'. In 1999 the Cradle of Humankind area was declared at World Heritage Site and is one of the most important areas in the world when it comes to understanding the story of life itself. The Maropeng visitor centre gives an overview on the development of humans and our ancestors over the past few million years and includes restaurants and tourist retail. The Challenge Unfortunately, due to a lack of reliable communication centre management experienced challenges with Point-of-

2020 Message from CEO Welcome to 2020! It is always good to plan and reflect before a new journey, a new project or a new year. Good planning for a journey helps to prepare you for the way ahead, it set your focus and equipped you for challenges, it can even include contingency options should incidents happen. May you be blessed with strength, wisdom and health. May you have “vasbyt” for the up’s and smiles for the downs. May you reach your personal goals and may you have a loving and fulfilled life. I am looking forward to continue our business journey t

Introduction Spitzkoppe is a small tented camp north-west from Windhoek and provides accommodation for up to 15 people. The camp is a delight for nature lovers with spectacular views of the Spitzkoppe mountain (aka the Matterhorn of Africa) not to mention beautiful sunrise and sunsets and a close connection with the natural environment. The Challenge Today, modern hospitality guest services, general camp operations, and on-line bookings all require reliable broadband services. Spitzkoppe camp management required a reliable and cost-effective service with loca

Magwa Enterprise Tea - Lusikisiki Magwa Enterprise tea is located just outside the Lusikisiki area in the Eastern Cape. The plantations had no reliable voice or data communication to support the business due to limited infrastructure in the area. At-Linx suggested the Twoobii satellite service. The project was swiftly completed, within 24 hours of receiving the order, satellite terminals for Magwa Tea and its sister tea plantation were dispatched and ready to be installed. Within one day, both terminals were installed and 087 numbers were provided. In fact, the tea plantation

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