Professional Services

"We are drowning in information but starving for knowledge"

As certified system engineering with more than 20-years of satellite experience Q-KON is well positioned to provide professional services to Telco’s and Service Providers.  We provide the engineering and consultancy services required to ensure the on-going profitability of satellite infrastructure and operational assets. For Q-KON professional services is;

  • A differentiated capability that seamlessly integrates engineering, product knowledge, market knowledge and business process management.
  • Focussed on driving the bottom line profitability of satellite platforms.

Services Portfolio

Our professional services portfolio incorporates;

Satellite System Engineering

to complete end-to-end network audit and network optimisation work.

Product Knowledge

of all the major satellite manufacturers and reference to successful case studies and business development projects.

Market Knowledge

in order to understand the competitive landscape, the specific opportunities and the competitive elements.

Service Provide Business

analytics and experience to appreciate the complexities of satellite-based service provisioning.

Analytic Review

The business, market and product analytics are driven by an integrated and proven model based on academic Phd research work.

Engineering & Service Delivery Experience

Q-KON has designed, implemented and operated satellite platforms for almost 20 years. We understand what makes satellite services profitable and what not.

Industry Certification

Q-KON’s engineers and business architect team has an acknowledge industry profile including close collaboration and reference with Intelsat and iDirect.