Turn-Key Solutions

"The ability to understand both markets and technology and knowing how to act upon this, will determine who wins and who loses"

Q-KON has more than 30 years of experience in the successful design and delivery of satellite and wireless communication solutions. Through the application of structured system engineering and project management methodologies, we can ensure the successful completion of business, industrial and commercial telecommunication networks throughout Africa.

Q-KON's Principle Value

As an experienced telecommunication and business engineering team our primary value is to apply technology to realise business needs. For us step one is drafting a clearly defined end-user business case detailing demands and mapping the market user needs. With the business case as a framework we start a systematically and structured design, procurement, implementation, operation and transfer process.

Proposed Project Methodology


Market analysis and product definition

Business Case definition

Network design and definition


Network equip supply, build and commission

Services as process definition + Team training


Resident eng services incl. supervision & 3rd level support

Remote network management


Expanding services and market

Continued improvement

On-going operational & technology training

Quality Control Plan (QPC) & Project Cost Accounting
Bespoke systems and solutions developed by Q-KON to provide effective control while minimising resource demands and project administration costs.

Completed Projects

Swaziland Electricity Board.


The South African Electricity Corporation, ESKOM was commissioned by one of their key customers to build a redundant 400 kV power line to their operations in Mozambique. Swaziland Electricity Corporation proposed that the High Capacity Electricity Transmission line be build through Swaziland in order to increase the electricity capacity in Swaziland. Eskom agreed on the proviso that SEB refurbish the entire communication and SCADA network. Q-KON was entrusted to deliver this on Turn-key basis.


The components of refurbishment comprised:

  • High Capacity Redundant Microwave Transmission Network (>500 km)
  • Optical Fibre transmission lines (OPGW and ADSS)
  • UHF point – to multipoint Data Radios (35 links) – ultilising the Q-KON developed MN96 Data radio
  • VHF backup point – to multipoint Data Radios (67 links)
  • PABX and National Operation Centre cabling infrastructure
  • Multiplexer and network management System monitoring rthe entire communications and SCADA network


The Project was commissioned passing extreme Quality Assurance Criteria associated with such a mission critical network deployment.

Private Industrial Network.


Katanga Mining Limited operates a large-scale copper-cobalt project with substantial high-grade mineral reserves and integrated metallurgical operations in the Democratic Rebuplic of Congo (DRC).


Over a 5 year period Q-KON design, developed, implemented and maintained all the on-site communications networks which includes;


  • International satellite trunk service
  • Campus wide core fibre network
  • End-user desktop computer networks
  • Industrial site wide digital radio network
  • Microwave backbone network