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Torra Bay Brags with Point-of-Sale Devices this Fishing Season.


Torra Bay Resort is celebrating its 62nd birthday this year and is a very remote camping site situated in the Skeleton Coast National Park, Namibia. What makes this resort special is the fact that they are only open from the 1st of December until the 31st of January, which accords with the Namibian School Holiday Season. Being home to large Steenbras, huge shoals of Kabeljou, Galjoen and Blacktail, Torra Bay is any shore-based fisherman’s dream. The 60 camping sites are usually fully booked in advance, and the resort offers only the most basic amenities such as water, fire wood, a shop and a petrol station. Visitors are further adviced to bring their own equipment with them. The name Skeleton Coast comes from the many ships that have fallen prey to the treacherous sand banks and a number of shipwrecks are testimony to this tragic past.

One Can Not Escape Essential Technologies

One can only imagine that this is one of the best ways to escape the busy city life and loose yourself in the tranquil environment where the main purpose would be to recharge and do what you love most, fishing! No matter how remote you travel to explore a life without modern technology, we can all agree that some technology will just be too hard to leave behind.

The Solution

A leading bank in partnership with Q-KON Africa, installed a Twoobii Satellite Business Broadband Solution for this busy period at Torra Bay. Now you can pay your accommodation, goods at the shop as well as fuel with your bank cards using the Point of Sale devices at the premises.

The Namibia Wildlife Resorts is one of the leading bank’s biggest tourism-related entities, and they have decided to establish wireless connectivity for NWR’s administration and supplied two phones for necessary arrangements to be made in this hostile environment. Adding to this, campers can now also enjoy free WiFi in the middle of the desert!

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