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Bridging a Digital Divide.

Twoobii – Bridging a Digital Divide and here to make a Difference in Business Continuity

Survive: (Verb) “continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship.”

We all are faced with some sort of quest each and every day that test our survival skills. Whether we rely on the public transport infrastructure to get us to work save, walk 5km to the nearest tab running water, plant our own crops to have something for the pot, or even depend on current internet connectivity networks to ensure business continuity, we all have a story to tell.

Unreliable connectivity must be one of the most common causes in business failure. Imagine yourself in one of the following scenario’s:

(1) You want to purchase hand-crafted goods with your credit card at a big expo, but the 3G or ADSL connection fails and the Point-of-Sale Device is off-line. You don’t carry cash with you.

(2) Your lecturer informed you to submit one final project in the morning in order to your distinction. You realise the student centre’s internet connection is off for the past 2 days. You can’t complete your research and you miss your distinction.

(3) You are a milk farmer, and owns a very popular diary stall on one of the busiest roads to Kwa-Zulu Natal. Holidaymakers always stop over to buy fresh milk or handmade cheese. The network cables were stolen over a week ago, with the result that your Point-of-Sale device does not work. Many people leave without purchasing anything.

These are only a few scenario’s that display the massive impact unreliable connectivity can have on every-day business and events. This has even more devastating consequences in areas where there is no reliable internet connectivity all along.

Q-KON Africa, renowned leaders in satellite solutions for the past 30 years, listened to the audience and, after many months of research and development, they finally introduced Twoobii, its latest Satellite Business Broadband Solution.

Since the solution is targeted at a very niche market, Q-KON decided on two very reputable annual events to launch Twoobii.

The first was the MyBroadband Conference and Expo that was held on the 18th of October at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, Johannesburg. This conference is the premier event of its kind in South Africa and attracted over 3000 delegates this year. It made clear sense to launch Twoobii here, a;

(A) an extensive audience could be reached (93% of the delegates live in Gauteng, Cape Town and Kwa-Zulu Natal),

(B) smart lead generation was possible (71% of the delegates work in the Telecoms and IT Industry) and

(C) Twoobii had an enormous footprint at the conference (Twoobii were fortunate to enjoy coverage in 4 main areas of the event).

Q-KON’s CEO, Dawie de Wet had the privilege to share the stage with Emcee Aki Anastasiou, Host of Technobyte and Tech Busters on Radio 702 and CNBC Africa, to discuss the potential applications of the company’s new satellite broadband offering. Twoobii is an off-grid, “always-on and anywhere” broadband solution which works over an end-to-end satellite connection. This solution is a lot simpler than traditional mobile broadband networks. The solution entails three points, the satellite, an uplink station and a terminal on the end-user’s side. The Twoobii product is specifically aimed at off-grid businesses, i.e. businesses in locations without any reliable, ubiquitous telco network solutions, and offers users voice, data and internet services anywhere they are in South Africa and Africa!

The second event was the AfricaCom Event hosted at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from the 13th to the 15thof November 2018. AfricaCom is clearly the most important ICT event on the African Continent and attracted everybody who is anybody in the African Telecoms and Technology Industry.

This time around, Twoobii was introduced in a slightly different way on the 13th of November. Without any formal exhibition booth or introduction speeches, Twoobii created interest and drawn attention in the form of our own Astronaut strolling the streets of Cape Town! He only had one message on this day, and it was “Meet me Tomorrow!”

The aim was to use this marketing method as build-up to the main event, which was planned for and executed on the 14th of November 2018. Twoobii was back at AfricaCom, and this time kitted with its official branding. Two lovely representatives accompanied Twoobii and together, they paraded the passages of AfricaCom.

Twoobii truly drawn the attention of everyone at AfricaCom, surely something that will be spoken about for a long time to come. In essence, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to meet a real Astronaut. To top it all off, an H3 Hummer Limousine accompanied potential, interested consumers to a beautiful, serene venue at the harbour called The Galley at the RCYC. Here they were treated to the best gourmet canapés and ice-cold pick-me-ups, while attending a Twoobii sitting with the Q-KON team.

To conclude, every business, no matter how big or small, needs reliable internet connectivity to survive. Twoobii is the perfect Satellite Business Broadband Solution, especially for off-grid companies that does not have the luxury of a reliable Telco connectivity network. Although satellite-based communication networks have over the years been perceived as slow, expensive and suffering from latency issues, Twoobii is here to debunk those myths! This Broadband Solution has been re-engineered to overcome these issues with an end-to-end system that is fast, affordable and compensates for latency, making Twoobii the most advanced satellite-based communications solution available!

Twoobii operates on the very advanced IntelSat high throughput satellite EPIC range and is the first commercial solution that offers the full advantage of cost and performance benefits with full continental signal coverage.

Twoobii is small enough to be installed anywhere and powerful enough to provide you with up to 10Mbps download speeds. Furthermore, Twoobii is secure and certified for financial services. It is a business broadband with affordable service options. It is locally engineered and built in Africa, for Africa.

Twoobii Connected . . . Or Not To Be. The Choice is Yours!

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