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Satellite Install at NamibRand Nature Reserve


The NamibRand Nature Reserve is a private nature reserve in Southwestern Namibia in the Namib Desert. Founded in 1984 by J.A. Brückner, it has more than 215,000 hectares and shares a 100 km border with Namib-Naukluft National Park to the west and the Nubib mountains to the east. Virtually all facets of the Namib Desert are represented on the Reserve – sand and gravel plains and stretches of savanna alternate with mountain ranges, inselbergs and vegetated dune belts.

The Challenge

NamibRand Nature Reserve acquired the farm Nubib with almost no communication capability on the farm, except for very poor mobile communication. The Reserve had a requirement for communication, internet access and Point-of-Sale transactions in order to process card payments. As well as logistics requirements for ordering of goods and services.


The Solution

Being a remote, “off-grid” site made it perfect for a Twoobii satellite solution to be installed for communication and internet access. NamibRand has Twoobii satellite solutions at two of their other farms that they own too and are happy with the service that they receive from Twoobii hence another Twoobii solution was bought.

The service is brilliant – Nils Odendal, CEO

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