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Twoobii Enters the Next Phase with PoS

Proven Solution

High reliability, low maintenance and ease of implementation makes satellite the ideal choice for “off-grid” point of sale connectivity requirements. Since 2017, a leading bank’s Merchant services has been using Q-KON satellite services to provide trusted connectivity to key merchant operations. Current customers sites are operational throughout the SADC region with 45% located in South Africa.

The success of this project was the prelude to a leading bank’s Merchant Services approving the Twoobii Smart Satellite Services as phase-2 roll-out for merchant connectivity services which now also include voice, business broadband and public WiFI services options.

Who uses it?

Every merchant needs reliable point-of-sale connectivity and the merchant’s using satellite are not bound to a specific industry, or even to only rural locations.  The use cases range from wholesale outlets in towns, the tourism industry, border posts and retails outlets such as KFC and Chestermeats.

For the Merchants, the value proposition is not only the very high uptime (more than 99%), it is also the attractive service bundle options offered which puts the cost well below current LTE alternatives.

The Solution

Q-KON engineered a special 1+1 high-availability solution that consisted of dual satellite terminals each with 99.95% uptime in an automatic failover configuration. The outcome is a very cost effective near 100% uptime service powered from hybrid solar and generator solution. Additional wireless links were included to provide service to all the operational points.

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