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The Important Role of Reliable Connectivity in the Fast-Food Industry

Kentucky Fried Chicken was founded by Harland Sanders (known as Colonel Sanders), who opened his first restaurant in 1952. Kentucky Fried Chicken was later changed to KFC to create a healthier image to consumers, but irrespective of their efforts to develop a health-conscious brand, the most popular dish today still remains their famous original recipe fried chicken.

To put their success in perspective, as of 2021, KFC is still the #1 brand in SA with 960 stores. Despite the tough economic environment over the past few years, KFC still continued to open more stores to supply the demand for South Africa’s favourite meal.

The Challenge

Part of KFC’s continued growth drive is to implement effective business processes which also serve its customers as best as possible. A key element of this is to ensure fast and trusted check-out transactions, and to do this they need to ensure trusted communication for the point-of-sale infrastructure.

Using the normal mobile networks with 3G data connectivity could simply not provide KFC with reliable communication for the point-of-sale services. The poor 3G communication was leading to revenue loss and customer frustrations, which simply could not be afforded anymore.

The Solution

A leading bank partnered with Q-KON to develop a very reliable satellite communication network that provided trusted communication for business point-of-sale solutions.

As a leading bank-certified solution, the end-to-end satellite and wireless network is fully compliant with all current financial security requirements. In addition, Q-KON provides a leading bank with on-site and remote support to ensure continued business operation anywhere in South Africa.

“We really can’t complain, as we have seen a tremendous improvement in the uptime at these stores, in comparison of how it was. The support from the Q-KON team is excellent!”
Says Michael Davel of Gunret Foods.

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