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Satellite Trends for 2023 and Beyond Change is the only constant. In this ever-changing environment, it helps business and strategic planners to review generally expected technology trends in their industries. While the future remains unpredictable, in this article we’ll provide support for your development of future business and technology strategies by mapping current developments to […]

Be Blessed – Stay Safe December is time for looking back, for reflecting on achievements and goals not reached and each of us experience this differently. We reached the end of the year from different perspectives and we look forward with different views. For us at Q-KON it has been a been a most successful […]

Is Low-Latency a Ticket to Profitability: How LEO Services Can Compete in Africa Industry analysts expect 17,000 satellites to be launched over the next decade, of which 58% will be for five new mega low earth orbit (LEO) constellations. It is anticipated that the space industry will add an estimated 200Tbps of capacity to the […]

Smart Satellite Services tested for CCTV surveillance by market leader In South Africa, security surveillance and CCTV solutions are critical to protecting business activities and premises. These CCTV solutions include on-site camera systems linked to central control room facilities for monitoring and incident response. Scheduled and unscheduled power outages (loadshedding) represent a serious challenge to […]

Unpacking the African Landscape for Satellite Services ViaSatellite recently published an article on the Business Model Challenges of the Africa Landscape as applicable to large-scale satellite services. The article provides some insight into the challenges to deliver broadband satellite services to the Africa market as well as outlining the difference between Africa market and the […]

New Business Models needed for Africa between Operators Innovations in HTS LEOs, MEOs & GEOs software-defined satellites, new antenna technologies and more are all opening up new and promising options to connect unconnected locations in Africa and globally. These technology innovations are critical and a precondition to any further discussions around delivering large-scale satellite services […]

Satellite Conference 2022 update: What it means for Africa The global satellite industry is in a significant growth phase as it evolves to meet changing global landscape and demands. Included in this growth is the global Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite market which is expected to grow from $3.5 billion in 2021 to $4.13 billion […]

A unique low-cost 100% 1+1 Twoobii satellite solution Mining operations are often at remote locations far beyond the reach of conventional technologies such as fibre, LTE or 4G/5G. Then a special Twoobii solution is the only option for operations that demand 100% communication uptime, cost within budget plus no on-site 3rd level technical support. For […]

  Emerging Trends in the Satellite Industry! While the characteristics of launch vehicles vary widely, the ultimate goal is always to move payload into space. Satellite launch costs are therefore a fundamental input block in terms of driving the satellite business case and determining service price points. SpaceX has been phenomenally successful in reducing launch […]

Reflecting On 2021 As the sun sets on another year we reflect on past opportunities, challenges, and achievements. We think about the changing nature of life, the need to appreciate every moment and the strength gained from a helping hand and a friendly smile. For Q-KON as part of the satellite industry, it has been […]